Unlimited Mastering

Does your song have a clean mix but still needs a loud, full sounding, radio ready Master? Sign up for the Unlimited Mastering plan and get up to 10 songs mastered every month for only $19.99. Normally 10 songs mastered would cost $300 but with this membership its only 6% of the actual cost. Unlike other websites that offer mastering at a low price. I (and a couple of other handpicked engineers) will be personally mastering your music and will use our ears to touch up your music and get that perfect sound.

The name and email you use to sign up MUST match the artist name and the email you use to send your songs. Only one artist per membership. (For example, if you are signing up as an artist manager and have two artists… you must have two memberships under each of the artists names).

Sign up here, once you sign up you will be contacted in 24 hours or less for the file exchange.

Name of Artist
Email for delivery

Refunds and Returns
By Subscribing to this membership, you agree to the recurring payment method through PayPal. No refunds will be made after your payment has cleared. If you have any questions please contact KyleBeatsInfo@gmail.com, I will personally respond to you.