Kyle Beats Consultation

We will meet via Zoom and I will assess your:

- Music
- Business (website, products, revenue streams)
- YouTube & Tik Tok Strategies.
- Marketing (organic & paid)

Over the past 5 Years I have built up one of the biggest music production channels on YouTube, Spent Millions of Dollars on Paid Ads, Built a team, generated multiple 6 figure launches with and without YouTube.

I want to share my knowledge with you so you can get well over $1,000 of value in return. 

**This is not for people trying to figure out how to make better melodies, or if you have just one simple question. Its for people who want my guidance to help them achieve more success.**


My Expertise's (overview): 

YouTube Algorithm 

Tik Tok Algorithm

Facebook / YouTube Ads


Anything music or beat related

Hiring a team

Story Telling

FL Studio

Why 2 Meetings? 

- I myself have paid for consultations for marketing, business, YouTube in the past and when I do I find myself having a fantastic meeting, but in the moment forgetting things that I wanted to say. This way we can meet... then you can try out everything we talk about and meet again a month later to track progress. I think this will be the most efficient for growth.