Premium One Shot Collection

Sample Melody 1

Sample Melody 2

Death Star (Key)

Nylon Muted (Guitar)

Glitch In the Matrix

*Full Collection available 11.25.20*


GALAXY is a Premium Collection of Melodic One Shot Samples to help you create beautiful sounding melodies.

I partnered with one of the best producers/sound engineers I know to give you guys the most insane one shot collection that exists.

Live recorded Musicians, Vocalists, $3,000 Synthesizers, and even a 1930's Vintage Grand Piano were all used to create this Full Collection of over 1,000+ One shots.

Galaxy Will be Launching on November 25th and will only be available during Black Friday weekend  (LIMITED LICENSES AVAILABLE)

Melodies are constantly evolving. Don't miss out!

*Full Collection available 11.25.20*