Take Your Music to the Next Level with 50 Premium Beats

✔️ Commercial License Included: So you can release your songs on Spotify/Apple Music which means you can grow your music catalog without breaking the bank.

✔️ 50 Diverse Beats: So you have many styles to choose from which means you'll have quality production no matter what kind of song you are trying to make.

✔️ High Quality Premixed MP3 files included: So your songs can live up to an industry standard.

✔️ **Get your Official Chance: One aspiring artist who grabs this bundle gets a chance to work with me (Kyle Beats). I will listen to your track, add my own changes, thoughts, or comments. If it is good enough we can even drop it together on KB Collective as well!**


Take Your Music to the Next Level with 50 Premium Beats produced by Kyle Beats

When and how do receive my Beats?

You will receive your beats instantly after checkout on our "thank you page". You will also have them in your email if you ever need to go back and re-download!

Do I have the rights to post music with these?


What do the licenses mean?

Basic Lease Gives you the right to 200,000 streams max per song. 

Unlimited Lease gives you the right to 1,000,000 streams per song.

So if you think about it, you can essentially kick start your entire catalog with this pack without worrying.

Is there a refund policy?

You have 30 days to decide if these beats are wack or not. But be warned, my ego will be hurt. (JK)